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                      Needle Felted Dogs

                - Collectible dog figurines by Olga Timofeevski -

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pug, needle felted

felted dachshund

black Labrador, needle felted

needle felted dog, "fluffy creature"

needle felted dog, Westie mix

yellow Labrador, felted

Basset Hound, needle felted

Boxer, needle felted dog

Golden Retriever, needle felted (click for more)










Dalmatians, needle felted

miniature poodle, felted

German Shepherd Dog, felted

Golden Retriever, felted figurine

Golden Retriever puppy, felted

Shih Tzu, felted sculpture

Border Collie, Bearded Collie, and Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen mix, needle felted statue

Arnold, the Wire Fox Terrier, needle felted

Queenie, needle felted dachshund wearing a crown

Salt and Pepper




GR Puppy





Lolita the Chihua needle felted sculpture

Sara the Wire Fox Terrier needle felted figurine

Randolph the Wirehaired Fox Terrier needle felted by Olga Timofeevski

Needle felted figurine of Scottish Terrier

"Freddie", West Highland White Terrier needle felted figurine

Needle felted Joy the Samoyed handmade by Olga Timofeevski










Sherlock (Basset Hound) needle felted © Olga Timofeevski

Custom needle felted Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Frankie (English bulldog puppy) needle felted © Olga Timofeevski

Uggie the dog actor from the Artist movie needle felted sculpture

Olivia the little dancer, pug puppy handmade by needle felting

Figurine of Rosie the Chihuahua, handcrafted of wool

Coco the Maltese pup felted

Needle felted OOAK figurine of Bonita the Yorkie

Needle felted Wirehaired Fox Terrier with a tennis ball





Ol  Olivia






                                * 2013 TOBY Public's Choice Award *

           Public's choice award in the category Small "Friend", announced at the Teddy Bear Artist Invitational in Binghamton, N.Y., in August 2013

Uggie the needle felted Jack Russell - TOBY Public's choice 2013

Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier

from the French romantic comedy-drama film The Artist (2011)


                                               *FEATURED ART*

Bella  the Boston terrier

Boston terrier felted © Olga Timofeevski



Monette  the Chihuahua in a cup

Chihuahua in a cup needle felted by Olga Timofeevski

    $350 (available on Etsy)         


Koral  the boxer puppy (life-size sculpture)

Lifelike and life-size sculpture of boxer pup handmade of wool

    $1,150 (eBay  #261627102876)              



                    * 2013 TOBY Industry's Choice Award Winners *

       These artworks were nominated in the categories Small “Friend" (Uggie) and Bear or “Friend” using Nontraditional Materials (Olivia)

       - Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine

Uggie, 2013 TOBY Industry's Choice winner, © Olga TimofeevskiOlivia, 2013 TOBY Industry's Choice Winner, © Olga Timofeevski

                   * 2012 TOBY Industry's Choice Award Winners *

       These artworks received nominations in the categories "Artist Creation, Nontraditional Materials" (Mimi) and "Small Artist “Friends" (Lolita)

Mimi, 2012 TOBY Industry's Choice winner, © Olga TimofeevskiLolita, 2012 TOBY Industry's Choice Winner, © Olga Timofeevski


   Welcome to my gallery of collectible dog figurines handmade of wool!

All needle felted dogs displayed on this Web site are one of a kind (OOAK), handcrafted with love and great care. Not only can needle felting with wool produce striking details, but it also brings the statue to life, gives it a soul, and allows that warm cozy feel. These dog figurines are made entirely of wool roving, usually including eyes, nose, mouth, paws, etc. No filling materials are used, and no stitches are applied. Some dogs in this gallery can be posed thanks to a reinforcing, flexible metal wire inside. The dog's body, head, and legs are pressed by felting needles until they are very firm (hard felted). The snout and other body details are also finely shaped by felting needles, and finishing layers are added until the dog figurine resembles a given dog breed with its body profile, coat texture, colors, and facial features. The eyes are either needle felted (in most cases) or glass. The coat of long-haired dogs is created by either combing or implanting wool fibers. Achieving a lifelike feel, the look, and behavior of an individual dog in a woolen dog figurine is artistically challenging and can take weeks to accomplish. The dog statues on display range are 4 to 10 inches tall (10-25 cm), and are the artist’s genuine and original work. Firmly felted and durable, these needle felted dogs are nevertheless lightweight. The statues in this collection are exquisitely made and make fine and truly unique collectible items. View a humorous slideshow "Needle Felted Dogs Tango" of some of the dogs from this gallery.

   Custom dog figurines

A custom needle felted dog figurine is intended to resemble and honor "that very dog". Although the real dog can never be fully replaced, a warm feel and look of the felted likeness of someone's beloved dog could be of much sentimental value and a source of lasting affection for the dog owner. Custom projects were completed by the artist for multiple dog breeds, including Jack Russell Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier, Pembroke Welsh corgi, Shih Tzu, mixed breeds (e.g. Pointer/Labrador/Border Collie). For a sample of custom made collectible dog figurines (with a reference dog photo) please visit the page dedicated to custom needle felted dogs. See more breeds in the gallery (currently over 40 dogs of more than 40 breeds and breed combinations) and do not hesitate to ask if you do not see a breed of your interest for a custom project.


  Dogs by breed

Basset Hound (Copper) Jack Russell terrier (Uggie)
Basset Hound (Sherlock) Maltese (Coco)
black Lab (Lucy) miniature poodle (Mimi)
Bearded Collie (Stanley) Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Nina)
Border Collie / Bearded Collie / Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen mix (Prince) Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Woody)
Boston terrier (Bella) pointer / Border Collie / black Lab mix (Laina)
Boxer (Admiral) pug (Bubba)
Boxer (Koral) pug (Olivia)
Chihuahua (Lolita) Samoyed puppy (Joy)
Chihuahua (Monette) Scottish Terrier (Monty)
Chihuahua (Rosie) Shih Tzu (Chubby)
dachshund (Queenie) West Highland White Terrier (Freddie)
dachshund (Tami) West Highland White Terrier mix (Snowball)
Dalmatians (Salt-Pepper) Wire Fox Terrier (Arnold)
English bulldog (Frankie) Wire Fox Terrier (Randolph)
"fluffy creature" (Toby) Wire Fox Terrier (Sara)
German Shepherd (Bronson) Wire Fox Terrier (Sydney)
Golden Retriever (with Christmas present) yellow Lab puppy (Honey)
Golden Retriever (Maybelle) Yorkshire Terrier (Lulu)
Golden Retriever Puppy (GR Puppy) Yorkshire Terrier puppy (Bonita)
Jack Russell terrier (Casper)  


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