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Admiral is a middle-aged, white Boxer dog. He is usually very upbeat and perky. A true leader and protector at heart, hence the name "Admiral", he is a true guard dog. He is loyal to his owner and proud of his heritage. Perhaps, oblivious to the 4th of July’s fireworks and firecrackers, he looks relaxed and wisdom-filled, proudly wearing his patriotic-themed bandana. Admiral is a pure-bred, albino Boxer having two brown spots near and around his eyes. In a lying position, this dog figurine is made of carded fleece wool and white/brown Merino wool. Needle felted until very firm, the figurine’s impression has actually a very soft feel. Admiral comes with a handmade, “stars and stripes”, red, white, and blue bandana. He also comes with a handmade, red velvet bed. Admiral measures to be 8 x 11 x 2˝ inches (20 x 27 x 5 cm).




Admiral the Boxer, needle felted by Olga Timofeevski, close-up Needle felted Boxer, front view, close-up Needle felted Boxer figurine, facing front right, close-up
Boxer dog, needle felted figurine, facing front left Admiral the Boxer, needle feted, facing front left Boxer dog, needlefelted, facing front left Needlefelt Boxer, facing left, close-up
Needle felted Boxer, facing right Boxer dog, needlefelted, facing right, top view Admiral the Boxer, needle felted, rear view


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