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Monette is a tiny, adorable Chihuahua puppy. She is incredibly gentle, affectionate, and sometimes timid. Always curious, Monette sometimes gets into a little bit of mischief while exploring the world around her. Once, she came across an oddly shaped, unfamiliar object. She started sniffing it in order to properly investigate, and after some time of impressive reaching and stretching she found herself inside the surprisingly cozy red cup. Monette's wired, wool base was formed from core wool and then covered with alpaca and Merino wool layers in order to create a coat. Monette has many needle felted details such as her intricate paws and nails, her specially shaped ears and nose, and the folds around her body. She also has realistic-looking glass eyes and even tiny whiskers made from individual goat hairs. Monette is featured with a handmade winter hat, knitted from mohair yarn, as well as a life-sized cup, needle felted from Merino wool. The figurine measures to be 4 x 4 x 8 inches (10 x 10 x 20 cm) and 4 x 5 x 8 inches (10 x 14 x 20 cm) with the cup.


Monette the needle felted Chihuahua  Olga Timofeevski needle felted Chihuahua on a cup  Olga Timofeevski Monette the needle felted Chihuahua with a cup
Monette looking out of cup, needle felted art  Olga Timofeevski Needle felted Chihuahua in a knitted hat  Olga Timofeevski Monette wearing a knitted hat  Olga Timofeevski Handmade Monette with a red cup  Olga Timofeevski
Monette the needle felted dog  Olga Timofeevski Chihuahua in a red cup handmade of wool Side view of Monette the Chihuahua in a cup, needle felted composition


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