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Felted sculpture of Uggie (dog actor from movie "The Artist")Uggie is the talented Jack Russell terrier who played the loveable companion ("Jack") of George Valentin in the 2011 French romantic drama film The Artist. Uggie won several prestigious awards, including the Palm Dog Award for best performance by a canine at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival for his role in the Artist. This dog actor also appeared in several other films. Uggie is a very beautiful, smart, and charming little dog. Sharp-witted, well-mannered, and responsible, Uggie played his character well from behaving himself during fame to standing his ground during defeat, as well as proving himself a real hero, ultimately makes his performance a very memorable one. The loyalty he portrayed on screen through scenes of dejection, comedy, and action proves him to be very unique, very much like this one-of-a kind needle felted likeness of Uggie. Made by award winning artist Olga Timofeevski, the mediums used throughout the coat and wired base of this sculpture include: fleece wool, Merino wool, Alpaca wool and white mohair. Uggie’s likeness captures the many details of the real dog, including the characteristic coloring of his muzzle and the little spot on his forehead. He has glass eyes and is featured with a black, leather collar as well as a handmade bowtie which screams “star”. This sculpture measures to be 5 × 10 × 8˝ inches (21 × 25 × 12 cm). For a side-by-side comparison of this likeness sculpture with the dog actor, try searching Google images under "felted Uggie" (see a sample search as of March 2012 here).

Coincidentally, this needle felted version of Uggie was a recipient of TOBY Public's Choice Award after being nominated for a Industry's Choice Award by Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine (category Small “Friend").

Uggie (from "The Artist" film) needle felted by Olga Timofeevski Needle felted sculpture of Uggie (The Artist) © Olga Timofeevski Needle felted likeness of Uggie © Olga Timofeevski
Soft figurine of  Uggie the dog artist © Olga Timofeevski Uggie (as Jack in the movie "The Artist") needle felted figurine Needle felted figurine of Uggie the dog artist Uggie the Jack Russell terrier, the dog artist  figurine
Needle felted likeness of Uggie © Olga Timofeevski Felted sculpture of Uggie the Jack Russell terrier

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