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Coco is the third addition to the collection Puppy Love. He is a sweet, playful, and spirited little boy, who likes to show off all the tricks he can do. A loyal companion, Coco is true to his master and will do everything to seem like a big dog. However, Coco is extremely sweet and affectionate; he is also very smart and can do many tricks thanks to his size and brain as well and follow commands easily. This lifelike figurine's wired. Wool base was "dressed" by prodding in a coat of Mohair fiber and Angora hair by needle. Coco has many characteristics that make him simply adorable, including padded paws with needle felted nails, a handmade nose and mouth, familiar ears, and beautiful glass eyes made to come alive with detailed eyelids and eyelashes. Coco’s hair is very lifelike throughout and conveys the description of “little ball of fluff”. The figurine measures to be 5 x 10½ x 8½ inches (13 x 27 x 22).





Needle felted Coco the Maltese puppy, © Olga Timofeevski The artistic Coco, handmade figurine of Maltese puppy. Coco the Maltese of the Puppy Love collection © Olga Timofeevsk
A close-up view of the needle felted Maltese puppy. Side view of Coco (facing right) Coco the Maltese facing left


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