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Joy is the sweet and happy Samoyed puppy. Joy is an excellent companion, for she is always cheerful, doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She is very active, and (when she takes you out on walks) will most likely be pulling you as it is customary for her by nature. Though a bit stubborn, she can easily be persuaded to do something; she a very quick learner. She is very loving and has a friendly disposition with her cute look and sunny attitude. Ever-smiling, Joy has an alert yet happy expression, which is very fitting for the common nickname or that grin known as the “Sammy Smile”. This fluffy, white ball of soft fur is very unique and has many distinguishing features, including the notable, curling tail and silvery white coat. Joy was expertly made through a needle felting technique. Her carded wool base was shaped over a wire frame. Her coat was created with layers of Merino wool and mohair fiber. Joy loves to play in the snow.  Thus she is featured with one of her favorite winter time play toys — her red and black hand painted wooden sled. Joy is an Arctic explorer at heart, but she is still just a puppy that brings a lot of Joy to her home. In an eager, standing position Joy measures to be 3˝ x 7 x 6 inches (9 x 18 x 15 cm).




Joy the Samoyed puppy needle felted, © Olga Timofeevski Joy the Samoyed puppy handmade of wool, © Olga Timofeevski Samoyed puppy handcrafted by needle felting, © Olga Timofeevski
Needle felted figurine of Samoyed by Olga Timofeevski Needle felted Samoyed on sleds, © Olga Timofeevski Composition of Samoyed, handmade of wool, with sleds


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