Golden Retriever

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Please meet this absolutely adorable Golden Retriever who wants to share the holiday spirit and is holding a gift in her mouth. This is an adult female golden retriever. She was made by the “hard” needle felting technique out of 100% Merino wool including very fine worked out features on her face such as the light brown eyes, smiling mouth, and cute black nose. Her detailed paws and big bushy tail most definitely add to her lifelike composition. The figurine was designed as one piece without any seams or filling materials. It contains a wire base inside her body and legs making it possible to change her pose to a certain degree. This little lady is sure to carry on a happy holiday spirit with her lively attitude and kind heart. Clenched in her teeth she is holding the ribbon to a holiday present made for someone special. This doggy is a gift of her own with her great personality and loving atmosphere. The figurine dimensions are 6 x 5½ x 2 inches (15 x 14 x 5 cm).





Needle felted Golden Retriever facing right. Golden Retriever with Christmas present, close-up Needle felted Golden Retriever - Christmas present dog
Sculpture of Golden Retriever with Christmas present, felted Golden Retriever, needle felted figurine Needle felted Christmas present



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