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Frankie is a gentle, heavy-set, English bulldog puppy. At almost nine weeks he is still a bit clumsy and awkward, but nevertheless adorable. Frankie has a delightful personality, being docile, loving, and friendly, while calm and quiet at the same time. A wonderful companion, Frankie is fiercely loyal and is usually very reluctant to leave his master’s side; particularly, he enjoys taking long naps at his master’s feet. Frankie, like most other bulldogs, has a very sturdy and stocky build, with short, thick, muscular legs that are set far apart which give him the appearance of looking very tough, which he is, for he is both strong and protective. This beautifully needle felted sculpture of Frankie was made through a series of steps to make him as realistic and lifelike as possible. His wired base was first molded from fleece wool, then an undercoat was created from Merino and fleece wool, and finally he was loosely “dressed” in an overcoat made of silk containing Merino and hand-dyed mohair roving. His coat, particularly, with its unique shades and folds, poses a matter of interest, for it has a shine because of the silk and was made to seem like that of an actual bulldog coat, very loose and sagging, to create the familiar, loveable “chubbiness”. With a foreshortened muzzle which has many fine folds along his nose, his head features many well-sculpted details including his fine, elaborate ears and nose as well as his glass eyes with distinct “sparkles”. His legs and short tail also contain many unique folds and his padded paws have needle felted toe nails. Being a fairly large creation, in a standing position Frankie measures to be about 7 x 12 x 9 inches (18 x 30 x 23 cm). Frankie also comes with a handmade life-size rose (12 inches long). This needle felted rose contains many striking shades of red for the petals and a long, green, wired stem and leaf; it is truly a favorite of Frankie’s. With his rose at his feet and his big, open heart, Frankie shows off his gentlemanly side and will be ready to share his love forever.




English bulldog with a rose needle felted by Olga Timofeevski Handmade sculpture of Frankie the English bulldog, © Olga Timofeevski English bulldog puppy, close up of head, © Olga Timofeevski
Handmade sculpture of English bulldog, wool,  © Olga Timofeevski English bulldog figurine needle felted by Olga Timofeevski English bulldog puppy handmade of wool, © Olga Timofeevski English bulldog, needle felted, OOAK, © Olga Timofeevski
Needle felted figurine of English bulldog, © Olga Timofeevski, OOAK Frankie the English bulldog soft sculpture by Olga Timofeevski This needle felted English bulldog has many fine folds of the coat Cute needle felted English bulldog puppy lying on his side
Paws of bulldog with characteristic folds of skin, © Olga Timofeevski Needle felted figurine of English bulldog, © Olga Timofeevski A red needle felted rose, © Olga Timofeevski
A red, life-size rose expertly needle felted by artist Olga Timofeevski Finely needle felted 12-inch long red rose, © Olga Timofeevski


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