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2012 TOBY Industry's ChoiceMimi is an adult miniature poodle. She absolutely loves attention and enjoys being pampered. Mimi is good-natured though, and is a very happy dog. Mimi is in a standing position and with a friendly look of curiosity on her face. Mimi is just as beautiful as she thinks she is. Her many finely worked out curls and just the right amount of "poof" make her a true poodle. This lovely dog was made with the hard needle felting technique from white and ivory Merino and carded fleece wool as well as white goat hair for her lovely curls. Mimi has wire in her limbs to give her additional support. Mimi measures to be 2 x 5 x 6 inches (6 x 14 x 15 cm).

Mimi was a winner of 2012 TOBY Industry's Choice Award in the category Artist Creation, Nontraditional Materials by Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine.



Mimi, miniature poodle, felted, close-up, facing right
Miniature poodle, needle felted, close-up, facing front-right
Felted Mimi the Poodle, up close, facing left
Needle felted poodle, looking front-right




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